Wise investments

The Makoya Group is giving black-operated businesses in South Africa the chance to succeed in a marketplace crying out for added value and innovation.

Investment group Makoya provides a range of investment opportunities designed to support the energy sectors and the rail industry.

Established in 2000, the South African organisation’s core focus is on strategic investment opportunities for black-owned small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs).

Consisting of three divisions (cargo services, supply chain holdings and investment holdings), Makoya’s initial focus was on the establishment of a development platform for SMMEs under the government’s Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) reform policy.

This entailed the management of a portal that would enable SMMEs to receive non-core services from their peers on a shared basis. This platform allowed SMMEs the freedom to operate and grow under a mentorship programme that gave such companies access to a range of management expertise.

Having built on its experience and reputation over the past decade Makoya has developed a broad knowledge of both the domestic and foreign markets, combined with international legal expertise and extensive trade links, helping it become a true South African business leader.

The company aims to ensure that all investment deals it carries out achieve a quick turnaround as the investment arm of the company grows to become a well-respected business partner to those who seek that professional approach to targeted investment opportunities.

As it looks to build long-term, successful and collaborative business relationships, the group is able to deliver optimised solutions based on amicable business values that run throughout the company’s day-to-day operations.

Making its mark

Since 2008 Makoya has been the preferred loading service providers for TFR and Eskom, and in July 2010 the group became involved in implementation of the Camden Coal Terminal (CCT) at Eskom’s Camden Power Station.

In 2009 the firm took on a key role in the Eskom Road to Rail Strategy and in December 2010, Makoya began operating as a Level 1 BB-BEE contributor, the highest achievable BB-BEE status.

Makoya promises to add value to its customers’ businesses by continually improving and applying international best-practice principles, while at the same time ensuring its workforce is guaranteed job security and comfortable working conditions.

Once it has completed operations at Eskom’s Camden project, Makoya will have helped reduce traffic on South Africa’s roads by close to 400 truck trips per day.

“We have stringent quality and safety processes in place within our organisation,” says Makoya Group CEO Kenny Malgas. “In addition, our logistics partners who operate under the Makoya mantle are extremely dedicated to the task of streamlining the coal supply chain.”

Vital values

Integrity, excellence and teamwork all rank highly in Makoya’s set of business values.

“We are an honest, just and caring company that integrates our business values with our day-to-day actions,” the company proclaims on its website. “Our commitment to integrity makes us an organisation that stakeholders trust and want to be associated with.

“To us, excellence means attaining peak performance levels, attention to detail and a better work environment for all. This contributes to our long-term competitive advantage.”

Makoya is also committed to assuring high levels of economic responsibility.

“Consistent with our values of integrity, excellence and teamwork, we believe in fair and profitable long-term economic returns for all, with a strong focus on advancing historically disadvantaged South Africans,” asserts the company.

By using the Makoya emblem the company is working to bring credibility to smaller entrepreneurs through a development concept entitled ‘M-Powered’.

The aims of the branding is to adds the required class and assurance of operational competence to SMMEs in the transport and mining sectors to create even greater appeal with financiers and contract principals.


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