Lanseria International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in South Africa, and with the new R150 million runway now fully operational, airport customers are able to enjoy the high levels of consistently excellent service provided by Johannesburg’s alternative airport. Lanseria, stands as South Africa’s largest privately owned International Airport. It remains the favourite destination of most private international customers travelling to and from the region.

Lanseria International Airport opened their new R150 million runway in November 2013. The new three kilometer long and 45 meters wide runway means that larger passenger and cargo aircraft are now able to use the airport. The runway project, which took just over a year to complete is just one of the many recent improvements made to the international airport to accommodate its impressive growth in recent years.

Domestic and international services are provided 24/7, 365 days a year. Airport facilities include an upgraded passenger terminal building, restaurants, duty free shopping, lounge facilities and ample parking. Improved road access to the airport, alongside the easy flow of pick up and drop off areas, has made transport to and from the airport beautifully hassle free.

“Ongoing improvements and new facilities will ensure the longevity of the airport. The entire customer experience has been enriched”, says Gavin Sayce, CEO at Lanseria International Airport. “We are constantly upgrading and extending facilities as our business grows”, he adds. It will also be the first airport to have the advanced–required navigation performance flight procedure (A-RNP), which will be implemented in the first quarter 2014.

As Gauteng’s only privately owned international airport, the ongoing investments made, look set to ensure world class facilities continue to be provided. Due to the airport’s focus on passengers and the time they spend at the airport, it has rolled out various customer friendly enhancements. These include offering shorter check-in times, self-service kiosks, quick baggage collection, ample parking and fast drop and go facilities. A new service, which particularly stands out and newly, launched is the Ring & Ride facility. The facility has been in operation since December 2013. The area has been designed as an ideal place to wait in your car until your arriving party calls to let you know their plane has arrived, and are ready to be collected. You are then able to drive up to the Drop & Go area and collect them, without having to pay for parking.

“With our ongoing airport enhancements, our passengers will continue to enjoy the convenience that they have grown accustom to. The new waiting area will ensure our ‘Meeters, greeters, kissers and wavers’, can enjoy a speedy pick up – especially over busy periods like the festive season”, says Sayce.

The airport has a history of sustained investment in growth and expansion. In 2002 a larger main terminal building was completed along with an upgrade of all runways and taxiways. In 2004 both runways and taxiways were lengthened and widened to accommodate bigger aircraft like the Boeing 757-300 and Airbus 319 aircraft. In May 2010 it became necessary to expand the terminal building. The Domestic Departure Lounge area was revamped to accommodate the overwhelming demand for scheduled flights to and from Durban and Cape Town. New shops and restaurants were added, along with more parking facilities.

South African airports had their international status reviewed in 1999, as part of the Government’s revised infrastructure requirements for international aviation. Each province was allocated one international airport with Gauteng being the economic hub was given two viz. Oliver Tambo and Lanseria.

Lanseria International Airport, is fully committed to contributing to the uplifting of previously disadvantaged communities and has a strong record in regard to corporate social responsibility. Various initiatives are constantly on the go with schools and charities surrounding the airport. Specific emphasis is placed on education, skills training, leadership development, health care and other related projects.

Charitable projects have included supporting The International Wildlife Foundation, an advertising campaign highlighting the dangers and issues around illegal trafficking of endangered species. Certified first Aid courses have been offered to teachers at neighbouring secondary schools. The Warmer Winter Blanket Drive was started to collect warm clothing and blankets to be distributed locally to those in need and the children attending Kwena Molapo Secondary School, can now enjoy a newly painted school with refurbished buildings, thanks to a fundraising project in July 2012.

The onsite Emergency Services Department at Lanseria is highly rated and among the best in Southern Africa. They have won the South African National Fire Fighters competition for 3 consecutive years, and offer specialised aviation emergency services.

The future of the Lanseria International Airport, is bright as it continues to grow, expand and invest further in customer comfort. It remains the base for the many commercial airlines that colour the South African skies. This internationally recognised airport has established itself as a key player in South African aviation and in 2014 looks set to continue setting the standard as Johannesburg’s much loved alternative airport.


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