Air Zimbabwe, has its headquarters at Harare International Airport, and is the main national airline of The Republic of Zimbabwe. The airline operates commercial charter services to cater for groups of between 100 to 200 people travelling to domestic, regional and international destinations. The airline currently services the destinations of Harare, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Johannesburg, Lusaka, Lubumbashi, and the international destinations of London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. The airline has sales offices or General Sales Agents (GSAs) in all these destinations, as well as further cities worldwide.

In past years Air Zimbabwe, has flown United missions, and has one of the world’s best safety records. The airline is part of Air Zimbabwe Holdings, which consists of a further four companies, totalling five Strategic Business Units. Air Zimbabwe Cargo – Transports cargo to various local, regional and international destinations incorporated on 2 March 2005 as per the laws of Zimbabwe. Its core business is the transportation  of cargo by air. Air Zimbabwe Cargo, was formed to fill the gap left by Affretair, the former national cargo airline. Air Zimbabwe Technical (AZT), has a comprehensive technical and engineering base which holds approvals from civil aviation authorities of several countries in the region and beyond. This enables the SBU to perform third party work for both domestic and external markets. National Handling Services, has  the express aim of providing passenger and cargo handling at Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls airports. Finally, Galileo Zimbabwe, distributes a Computerised Reservations System (CRS) service to travel agents in Zimbabwe as its core business. Galileo Zimbabwe, formerly The National Distribution Company (NDC), aims to provide computer based solutions to the travel industry by adapting Galileo international’s innovative products to local conditions. Galileo Zimbabwe, looks set to realise growth, profitability and market leadership.
Air Zimbabwe’s history showcases an enviable safety record, the exceptional skills of its pilots and engineers, and strong in-flight customer service. The airline we know today has its roots in the formation on 1 June 1946, of Central African Airways (CAA). Difficult relations between partner countries of CAA, eventually lead to the organisation being dismantled. From the remains of the CAA, following decades of metamorphosis, taking the airline through many formations, the modern Air Zimbabwe was born in 1980. Zimbabwe’s national colours were introduced in September 1982, at the same time that it was agreed that two cabin announcements should be made be made – in Shona, Ndebele as well as in English.

One of the airline’s biggest supporters is Champions Insurance, with headquarters in Harare, is an insurance company offering a wide range of short-term products both for the individual, and corporate clients. It started operating on 1 November 2003. Deeply embedded in all their products is a promise and guarantee, not of customer satisfaction because we exceed that and go an extra mile, but of customer delight and financial security.

The airline’s operational fleet complement currently consists of two B767s, three B737s and three MA60. Its engineers have been commended by the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing, for their sterling work in aircraft modifications and mandatory checks and servicing. It stands as the first airline to successfully carry out a Strut Improvement programme on B707s.

The airline operates technical and commercial training schools from its headquarters, offering courses in ticketing, cargo handling, aircraft engineering and pilot training. The schools have trained personnel for domestic and regional operators. Substantial revenue is raised each year through training provided for non-Air Zimbabwe staff. AZT runs Southern Africa’s second best Technical Training school and has a history of working with engineers from Air Namibia, Air Botswana, Air Tanzania, Uganda Airlines, Egypt Air, Air Malawi and Air Mauritius. Training with these engineers focuses on creating high quality production planning and maintenance systems. The airline operates Southern Africa’s second biggest engineering base after SAA and the AZT has trained pilots from Uganda and Botswana.

Air Zimbabwe is voracious in seeking and maximising on opportunities to expand its markets, and this has involved entering into alliances with other airlines. Currently, the airline has a code-share agreement on a seat purchase arrangement with Air Botswana, Air Malawi and pro-rate agreements with many further international partners.
The airline has achieved several notable achievements in recent decades including; 2006 – ZTA award for outstanding contribution to tourism. 2007 – ZTA special award for consistent marketing support of tourism. 2007 – ZTA Runner up for outstanding contribution to the development of tourism. 2009 – IATA Operational Safety Audit certified airline.

The company has acknowledged its social responsibility. Air Zimbabwe Holdings, is a patron of Chinyaradzo, Cheshire and Harare Children’s Homes. It is a major sponsor of several notable annual events, institutions and persons, a few of which are The Republic Cup Trust, Miss Zimbabwe Tourism, Bride of the Year Competition and Medical Cases
Since resuming operation in April 2013, following a break in 2012, the company has moved towards being Africa’s safest, most innovative and competitive air transport company. Despite recent leadership changes, Air Zimbabwe, more than ever, has principles committed to putting its passengers first and to providing a world class service.


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