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Steady stream of quality
Many South Africans may not be aware of the fact that Petzetakis Africa plays such a vital role in their community every day.  The South African-based leader in plastic hose and pipe systems are involved with some of the country’s most high-profile infrastructure projects across industries since its establishment in 1956, and continue to push the progress of South Africa’s civil, mining, irrigation, industrial and telecommunications businesses.

Petzetakis Africa’s history in Africa starts in 1956 when the company, then named Main Industries Ltd. started out in the manufacturing of plastic piping. The company expanded and grew through acquisitions, taking on companies such as Polyflow, Megapipe and Megaflex, accruing new specialties and expertise at every step.  Main Industries holding company was Main Pipe Systems, which, after being established in 1995 by Murray and Roberts, became the largest plastic pipe manufacturing company in South Africa, creating a solid foundation financially, and creating a steady stream of projects. By March of 2001, Main Industry had blossomed to the point that it merited its own board of directors and managerial focus, that main pipe systems sold the company to Petzetakis Africa, the global leader in plastic pipe and hose, headquarter, as the name suggests, in Greece. From there Petzetakis Africa—a name synonymous with quality—was created, an established and experienced business from the start.

For those not familiar with the industry, Petzetakis Africa are the largest South African manufacturers of world class plastic pipe and fitting and hose system, such as HDPE, PVC and flexible hose for the South Africa and southern African markets with a focus on  pipes for the civil market sector and potable water and sanitation sectors. Additionally, Petzetakis has a large presence in the agricultural and mining sectors.

Petzetakis contract to bring safe drinking water to Angola

Continuing in the tradition of quality products for which the company has become known, in June of this year, Petzetakis Africa was awarded the prestigious $US 15.3 million PE-HD water supply contract in Angola. Spanish company UTE Befesa Agua-Riogersa were impressed by Petzetakis Africa’s “perseverance, tenacity and quality products and people,” and chose the company for the Angolan pipeline, which will be 100 kilometres of pipe sized from 90mm to 630mm solid wall polyethylene pipes.

This contract, which is part of the master trans-frontier plan with Namibia to supply much needed water to the north of this south African country, will supply the safe drinking water which, to date, has been a continually urgent challenge, on a continuous basis to a large part of Cunene province, and will benefit approximately 250,000 people in one of the provinces acutely devastated by the Angolan conflict.

The company will manufacture, supply and deliver the HDPE pipe over a period of ten months however, the overall  implementation of the drinking water supply project is 24 months. The pipeline will run from Xangongo to Ondjiva. The overall operations will include a drinking water treatment station at Xangongo, a drinking water tank at Xangongo, collecting water from the Cunene River (Xangongo), four pumping stations, supply pipes (approximately 100 kilometres), two elevated tanks (Môngua, Ondjiva) and four more on the surface (Môngua, Missão de Môngua, Bulanganga, Ondjiva), according to the company.
This supply contract marks a milestone in the history of the company and its ability to compete significantly both in the South African and African Markets with its complete package of product and service offering. For Petzetakis Africa, this contract supersedes business and pipe manufacturing. Rather, the company is cognizant of the enduring consequences of bringing fresh water to its fellow Africans.

“This company has been built and branded around quality, combined with an expert team of technical advisers,” says Cindy Dixon, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Petzetakis Africa. As the expertise of the team’s logistics planning begins to rival that of their manufacturing, “it is also a sign that we have the capacity to endure the distance of a contract like this.”

Petzetakis Africa recognizes the distance its continent has to go in terms of social progress and the advancement of a higher standard of living for all. Dixon says “We are committed to social upliftment within South Africa and the African continent. The fact that we are able to be part of taking fresh water and removing  sanitation from previously neglected areas, we certainly consider a huge part of the success story of Petzetakis Africa.”

Lucrative contracts

On the heels of the UTE Befesa Agua-Riogersa contract, Petzetakis was awarded  a contract on a R24.5 million project for the eThekwini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal. “We were awarded the contracts based on the strength of our world-class production facilities and quality standards as the first ISO-accredited plastic pipe systems company, our vast experience and the experience of our negotiating team,” says MD Edwin Hewitt.

For the eThekwini Municipality, Petzetakis will supply and weld 5.9 kilometres of high density polyethylene structured wall Weholitepipes as part of the Ohlanga Outfall sewer pump station and rising main project in Durban.

Leaders in health, safety, environmental stewardship

Actions speak louder than words, and Petzetakis Africa’s actions speak volumes about the company’s core dedication to social responsibility and the safety of its employees and operations.  “We are very proud of the fact that Petzetakis is an 1S0 9001 2008 quality management compliant company,” says Dixon. In fact, Petzetakis Africa was one of the first companies in its industry in South Africa to be listed with the original ISO of 2000, and were a frontrunner when it was upgraded to ISO 2008 in terms of getting the certification, the all encompassing quality management system which encompasses everything Petzetakis Africa does.

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