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Bidvest Group Ltd. (BPO)

A passion for ports and a leader in services

Bidvest Group Ltd. (BPO) was formed in 2004 with a merger between Rennies Cargo Terminals and South African Stevedores. BPO prides itself on its people who are passionate about ports and port operations. “BPO’s greatest strength lies in the fact that our staff and management enjoy working in this rich and vibrant sector of the South African economy,” states the company’s website.

To date, BPO has built a name for itself in the port industry as a company that provides solutions, movement and storage of clients’ goods in a professional and productive matter. Its motto of “In place. On time” is reflected in every aspect of the company.

Bidvest Group Limited is BPO’s parent company and excels as an international trading and distribution company. Bidvest has offices in over four continents with over 100,000 employees worldwide. Bidvest’s key outlook is a policy of “incentivization and decentralized management structure.” Within this realm, “Bidvest subscribes to a philosophy of transparency, accountability, integrity, excellence and innovation in all business dealings.” With this philosophy the group is able to maintain great working relationships with customers.


As a specialist in the handling and storage of steel, forest products, staple foods, general cargo and containers, BPO has created a niche for itself within this marketplace. The well-known company has invested in prime locations, people and state-of-the-art equipment in order to ensure that goods are handled with international benchmarks.

Currently, BPO has 10 locations in Durban, South Africa. Within these locations it has an “18,000 square metre sugar terminal handling 300,000 tonnes annually, a steel terminal with a throughput of 1.2 million tonnes, forest products terminals exporting 900,000 tonnes a year, and general cargo facilities with a throughput of 200,000 tonnes. The 8,000 square metre expansion of rice and general cargo warehousing will provide an additional throughput capacity of 240,000 tonnes in 2006,” states the company website.


The company specializes in stevedoring of breakbulk cargo, steel, containers, forest products, granite and general cargo. “Our equipment supports various commodities with an extensive forklift fleet and a well maintained and legally compliant equipment gear store,” states the company’s website.

BPO has an established presence within the major ports of South Africa and has an emphasis on health and safety and complies with Occupational Health and Safety and Merchant Shipping Acts.


The transport arm of BPO is a significant part of the company. It was originally made as a service department to its warehousing and stevedoring operations at the Port of Durban. Since its initial operations however, the transport division has grown extensively into an exclusive transport logistic service provider.

“BPO’s Port Transport operation currently services the break-bulk and containerized market in and around the Port of Durban transporting commodities such as steel, forest products, rice, sugar, etc.”  Its transport solutions are flexible and focus on safety and efficiency.

Container depots

BPO’s container depots is located at Maydon Wharf, which does both import and export containers. Its depots are strategically placed with access to roads, rail transport and unpacking and packing facilities. Its facilities provide a number of different services including container inspection, cleaning and reporting. It also has 24 hour workshops where minor and major repairs are carried out. Its world class container management system is called Tracker 2000, compatible with any EDI communication requested by clients. “Live tracking reports are automatically generated and sent to the client at any specific time requested. The frequency of these reports can be determined by the client. The program is also adaptable to all repair programs. In addition to this, Tracker 2000 also generates a variety of management reports,” states the company’s website.

Community development

The company was awarded the Transport Education Training Authority of which BPO is an accredited provider. It takes its training and the development of staff very seriously and has developed a series of training manuals. These manuals are related to overhead gantry cranes, forklifts and various appliances necessary on the job.

BPO is committed to creating a healthy and rewarding work atmosphere for its employees. It has also created a bursary scheme for children of Bidvest employees. “On average about 20 children of BPO employees are awarded bursaries every year enabling them to enjoy free schooling, books and uniforms up and until they reach Grade 12,” states the company’s website.

BPO and Bidvest have also contributed and supported various initiatives outside of its employees, including Rally to Read and Habitat for Humanity.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is another important aspect of BPO’s company ethos. Within this, the company utilizes the Empowerdex rating system and BEE audits happen annually. The company is completely compliant with BEE standards.

BPO prides itself on the number of community initiatives it has achieved, and the quality of services it provides on a consistent basis to its clients. With strong work ethics and a passion for the port industry, the company speaks for itself as a leader in the industry.  


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